Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

-Micheal Jordan

Hi there. I'm Kristof Batizy. I'm a technical leader currently working on the third party development kit for a massively distributed collaborative battlefield management system called
Command Post of the Future (CPOF).

I also coach (and play) soccer.
This page has a little information about both.


General Dynamics C4 Systems (part 2)

In my current capacity, I act as the technical lead and technology evangelist on the third party development kit (3PDK) for Command Post of the Future(CPOF). CPOF is a massively distributed collaborative battlefield management system that enables warfighters to visualize the battlefield and plan the mission through a dynamic view of critical resources and events. Collaborators across echelons and distances can maintain situational awareness by having data from disparate systems displayed in one common operating picture. CPOF is the foundation for Tactical Mission Command's common operating environment.

In addition to leading development of the web services aspect of the 3PDK, I also act as a technology evangelist and engagement team technical lead. In this capacity, I help lead other organizations in the appropriate adoption of the 3PDK depending on their organization's architecture, needs, and level of expertise. By designing easy to use APIs and having a passion for working with others to solve real-world integration problems, I have enabled some pretty amazing integrations realizing the Tactical Mission Command convergence initiatives.

User Jury in Germany

AUSA Conference

Collaboration Exercise

Serious Hardware

Card Sorting

Cool Toys

Some pictures from my work at General Dynamics C4 Systems

Cyberitas Technologies

While working at Cyberitas Technologies, I managed a team of full-time and contract developers developing custom eCommerce solutions for several high profile customers under the Realogy Franchise Group. This included launching the mobile site for ERA and a redesign of the Coldwell Banker Commercial site. As the Manager of Development, I worked with customers in gathering requirements and prioritizing backlog items. I also worked with developers by providing technical direction in line with the CTO's vision. I also implemented various software development lifecycle and process improvements.


While at GoDaddy.com, I managed a team of eight software engineers developing the Quick Shopping Cart(QSC) application. Under my management, my team consistently delivered new capabilities while paying down a significant amount of technical debt. The project reached unprecedented growth in terms of deployed storefronts and total order volume, while attaining the highest levels of performance in addition to offering new features and capabilities such as: additional payment processing options, shipping carrier integrations, and standards compliant templating and markup generation.

General Dynamics C4 Systems (part 1)

When the dot com bubble burst, Motorola sold our group to General Dynamics. During this time, the Secure Portal, which I was the development lead of, was voluntarily audited by Foundstone and subsequently approved by the NSA for crypto-product firmware delivery. A productized version, which is still in use today, was also deployed as part of the Rescue 21 program enabling real-time access to network issue tracking data.


Back when portals were still a new thing, I designed and implemented a Secure Portal to fulfill contractual obligations for key DoD contracts. Technically speaking, it was the implementation of a platform that would conform to MIL-STD-974, or "CONTRACTOR INTEGRATED TECHNICAL INFORMATION SERVICE". At the time, there weren't commercial options. Having only Sun server hardware and Solaris OS as the deployment platform, I chose to use Java as the server side language. Being pre-JSR-168, I built the portal using Java Servlets, the emerging JSP specification, and core J2EE patterns.


When I'm not at work, there's a pretty good chance I'm involved in some sort of activity relating to soccer. If I'm not coaching, I'm playing. If I'm not playing, I'm watching it on TV, and if it's not on TV, I'm probably playing FIFA 14. It's not an addiction, it's a lifestyle. If you don't get it, then you should get up and go find a pickup game.

Outside Camp Nou

Park the Bus

Der Rekordmeister


Gerard Piqué

Through Ball


In the course of my professional career, I've had to take the Myers Briggs Personality type test several times. The first time I took it, I viewed it as having the same validity as a horoscope (I'm a Libra, for what it's worth). Every time I've taken it, I've been assessed as an ENTJ.

So, combine that with soccer, and what do you get? That's right, I coach! I love teaching kids how to play. It's an awesome thing to share your knowledge and experience and watch others grow to love the game. One of the most fulfilling things for me is to help kids discover their unique capabilities. Once armed with an understanding of their strengths and limitations, they begin to understand how to approach the game and achieve maximum effect.

Pre Match

Team Unity

Christmas Angels Champs

Kick for the Cure Champs

Safe Keeping

Always have a Plan


I love to play soccer. It's my number one pursuit outside work and family. I somehow manage to incorporate soccer into just about everything. All three of my boys play club soccer year round for Benfica Soccer Academy. My wife plays on a co-ed team with me. I'm currently only in two leagues; an 8v8 coed league with my wife, and a men's open competitive league that is full field 11 a side. I used to play indoor, but I'm giving my knees a break from the hard cuts on turf. I also play pickup games during the week when I'm not coaching and when I don't have league games.

Whenever I travel, I always take my gear and hunt down drop-in or pickup games. I love to meet new people and playing soccer is a great way to feel the vibe of a community. To me, there is no better workout than playing soccer. It is physical and mental exercise to the highest degree.

    Places I've Played (away from home):
  • Greenbelt Sportsplex in Glenn Dale, Maryland
  • Sole Roll in Dallas, TX
  • Zilker Park in Austin, TX
  • Logan Park in Huntsville, AL
  • Intergraph in Huntsville, AL
  • PISA in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Haven View Park in Huntington Beach
  • with Revolver F.C. in Orlando, FL
  • the English Garden in Munich, Germany
  • kicked around with kids before a Champions League game in Barcelona


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